Sebastian Radermacher

Intelligence & Technology Specialist

Learn more about Sebastian Radermacher and find out how Sebastian uses his science-driven recruitment mentality to locate the ideal candidates in the life sciences industry.


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Sebastian Karl Timothy Radermacher is headcount AG’s first Intelligence & Technology Specialist.

Sebastian is responsible for our business & market intelligence and actively involved in sourcing for our clients. Additionally, he is in charge of maintaining and configuring our database as well as all tech integrations and other data-related aspects of our daily business.

Priorly Sebastian worked at Skills Alliance, another life science recruitment agency, also as their first Intelligence Specialist. Before that, he worked for the Life Sciences team of Spring Professional, a brand of the Adecco (Human Resources) Group.

Still a scientist at heart, Sebastian is directly involved in the association “SynBioScene Switzerland”, dedicated to connecting synthetic biology professionals nation-wide.
He is also actively involved in headcount AG’s outreach to prominent contributors to international science for educational networking purposes.

Sebastian holds a Master in Cancer Biology, from the University of Zurich, UZH, and a Bachelor from the Maastricht Science Programme, MSP.


Recent Projects:

Business Development Head, Clinical Research Physician, Data Strategy Head, Graduated Plan / Local Safety Officer, International Sales Manager, Production Head, Qualified Person for Switzerland, Qualified Person for the Netherlands, Quality Assurance Manager

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Sebastian’s combined understanding of recruitment and passion for technology make him uniquely capable of contributing to the evolution and growth of our business.

Business & Market Intelligence

Sebastian’s recruitment career began with the intention to become a 360° consultant but evolved into a more data-driven function emphasizing analytics & research.

Backoffice Optimization & Data Management

headcount’s been changing with the times, adopting new tech to optimize our processes and keep up with our rapid growth. Sebastian’s been responsible for automations and integrations enabling this.

Advanced Candidate Sourcing

When our clients come to us with exceptionally large, pressing or difficult hiring needs, Sebastian puts his sourcing hat on and assists his fellow consultants on delivery.