Megann Löffler

Talent Acquisition Manager

Learn more about Megann Löffler and find out how Megann uses her science-driven recruitment mentality to locate the ideal candidates in the life sciences industry.



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Megann is a Talent Acquisition Manager with an engineering background that she coupled with an HR degree. She has been working as a recruiter for 5 years, specializing in Pharma since the very start of her career. For the last 3 years, she has also thoroughly focused on Technical Operations positions. Megann started her career in Basel, having worked for consultancy companies and big recruitment brands before moving to the recruitment hub in London to polish her recruitment skills. Megann grew up in a bilingual family, therefore fluently speaking French, German, English, and Swiss-German, striving to cover all national languages of the Swiss market (including Italian, which she is currently studying).

She moved to Zürich as she fell in love with the headcount AG team, working with scientists, sharing headcount AG’s passion for science and the recruitment world.


Recent Projects:

Head of Digital Engagement, Head of QA/RA/PV, External Manufacturing Quality Manager

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Megan Löffler’s main focus as a Talent Acquisition Manager is to satisfy both his clients as well as the candidates she is in constant contact with. Below are the fields Megann is specialized in.

Expertise in Technical Operations

Throughout her career, Megann has developed a growing interest and expertise in the Technical Operations side of the business, recruiting experts for her clients.

Market Experience and Network

Megann’s background, technical knowledge, market experience, and solid network within Switzerland and Europe are essential tools to help find the best talents in that field.

Locating International Star Candidates

Many of her projects include identifying hard to find candidates or relocating people to locations that aren’t hotspots.