Kristina Boger

Financial Manager

Kristina Boger - headcount Swiss recruitment agency for life science industries

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I discovered the world of numbers through a tax consulting experience: It was love at first sight. Then I studied economics and e-business.


I have a specialization in accounting, financial statements, and taxes, with a focus in controlling and project management.

Special power

Becoming a mom made me discover the caring, loving, and multi-project-attitude I naturally have in all aspects of my life, including work.

I love the most

Numbers! No matter how much time I spend studying and sorting them, they always reveal what I need.

Licenses and certifications

Bachelor of Science

Hochschule Furtwangen University | 2016

Tax Consultant

Steuerberaterkammer Südbaden | 2010

Black Belt in Internet Recruitment

Ninja Recruiting

Recruitment Manager

SocialTalent | 2021

Recruitment Manager

SocialTalent | 2021

Recruitment Manager

SocialTalent | 2021
There is strength in numbers, but organising those numbers is one of the great challenges.

John C. Mather

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