Raphael Wolfensberger

Associate Talent Aquisition Consultant

Learn more about Raphael Wolfensberger and find out how Raphael uses his science-driven recruitment mentality to locate the ideal candidates in the life sciences industry.



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Raphael is an Associate Talent Acquisition Consultant at headcount AG. Working together with different people and personalities, he enjoys finding common grounds and making sure that individuals and businesses can reach their own potential. His competitive background helps him understand what drives individuals, creating great working partnerships.

He recently competed in the iGEM competition for the University of Zurich, with the goal of finding a more sustainable and safer alternative to synthetic pesticides through the use of synthetic biology. The team achieved a multitude of successes, including winning Best New Application, finishing top 10 in the Overgraduate category and earning an additional 8 nominations for special awards.

In his free time, Raphael enjoys playing music, running and having a good talk.

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Raphael’s goal at headcount AG is to work together with candidates and clients to create great working partnerships.

Understanding what drives people

Through Raphael’s experience within several competition teams, he understands what it means to ask the right questions and understand what motivates people to invest themselves into a project. Using open communication, all sides of an opening are discussed, with the goal of creating great matches.

Curious attitude

It’s not everyday that you get to work together with experts in their respective fields. What drives Raphael, is understanding the individual implications of every open position, and finding a solution that truly works for everyone.

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A hands-on approach

Sometimes, you need to adapt. The goal is always to create great working partnerships, which is why Raphael orientates himself not in rigid KPI’s, but rather in making sure that companies find the right people, and the people find a fulfilling place to work in.