Work in Pharma, Medtech and Biotech on a temporary basis. Your time – Your Choice

Find out why a temporary position might be the ideal next step in your career.



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Work in Pharma, Medtech and Biotech on a temporary basis. Your time – Your Choice

Find out why a temporary position might be the ideal next step in your career.



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For many people contracting is an attractive way of working. But why?

1. Several months of holidays sound like a dream to you?

Another benefit of being a contractor is the maximum flexibility regarding your time off. If you love to travel or just enjoy having some time off without feeling the stress of unemployment, contracting is the perfect solution. After an assignment you are free to take off as long as you want. Spend the cold Swiss winters somewhere in the South, lying on the beach with a cocktail in your hand. Live the dream of permanent Employees!

2. Maintaining motivation & desire to work:

The job variety that lies in the temporary workforce is what makes it so appealing to Contractors. The ability to experience various industries and companies while working on a contract basis gives Contractors the freedom to choose their next career step and maintains the excitement that comes with your first day at the new job.

3. Personal & professional enrichment

The experiences gathered by the many different work challenges and environments not only enrich you personally, but your professional future as well. New skills, a unique perspective as well as your adaptability as a Contractor, adds great value to your next employer.

4. Change your job as often as you want.

The world of Temporary work is so versatile that changing jobs as much as twice a year is the standard – sometimes even more! The choice of starting a new challenge is always available, without the disadvantage of looking uncommitted or unreliable.

5. Try & win.

For people who are at a crossroads professionally, or unsure of the career they want to pursue, contracting serves as a great way to bridge into a career or as a trial run for a job that may suit you. Good or bad, it’s a win for you. A win for new experiences, salary, and your choice to continue or to try something completely new!

6. The CBA – a Contractors friend

According to Swiss law, if a Contractors gross annual salary is below CHF 148’200 they are entitled to the benefits of the Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA), which gives them access to different allowances, working conditions and free training. The CBA further serves as protection & security for Contractors. For example, if you work 45h + your payout should be X.

7. Salary

Let’s talk money. One of the most attractive reasons for working on a temporary basis lies in the higher salary. On average Contractors earn more than people who are hired permanently. Your bonus is paid out in several weeks/months depending on the company. You make a lot in a short amount of time. If you have an “all or nothing” attitude, Contracting is your calling!

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Safety in the workplace


We at headcount AG care about our employees. If you receive a job offer through us, to work at one of our clients, you will be seen as a headcount AG employee, meaning you will also be on our payroll. On average, one spends XX % working in our lives. So why not make the best out of it?

We are here to support you. Professionally and personally.

We offer


Free CV Consultations & Coaching


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As a member of Swissstaffing we offer you official training modules.


We succeed because we stick to our values. We provide both Quality and speed, transparency & commitment in fast-paced environments. And the most importantly: we value our clients as much as our own employees.
Check out our testimonies from recent Clients and Contractors.

Anna Rogucka
Head of Talent Acquisition

Fantastic service! Good candidates, timely responses, high attention to the needs of companies. Highly recommended.

Ulrike Klein
Chief of Staff

The Headcount Team has always put forth a big effort in finding the best fit for our biotech company. Maurice and his team are super professional and reliable, they really care about finding the right fit and building a relationship with their clients, and I truly appreciate that. I would absolutely recommend them for your recruitment needs.

Gleb Iatsenia
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Europe

I have known Maurice for many years. Maurice is not only a recruitment vendor but also a general sounding board for policy ideas, salary, and benefits questions. When I need to benchmark something or ask a general question about Swiss employment law, Maurice is frequently the first person I call. His deep recruitment experience and network of complementary vendors that he can introduce as needed are second to none. I know I can count on Maurice and his team at headcount to leverage their broad network of candidates in Switzerland and Europe to fill tricky roles in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Maurice’s team to any potential new client.

Thomas Romieu
Global Head of Digital Commerce

A ”Boutique executive search”. As a candidate, I was impressed by their professionalism, quality of follow up and honest feedback.

Ilija Vukadin
Key Account Manager Hematology

High-Quality Recruitment, especially for Pharma and Biotech. I can highly recommend it.


1. Financial aspect: Yes, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. However, we are also ranked as one of the top ten countries in quality of life. We also have one of the highest salary standards around the world and our taxes are also incredibly low compared to other European countries.


2. We are a multilingual country. Apart from our beautiful Swissgerman dialects, German, French, Italian and Romansch are the official languages of Switzerland. Parts of our country purely speak German, French or Italian and most people speak English as well.


3. The Swiss economy is dependent on foreigners. One fourth of our population are citizens from other countries. Zurich and Geneva are proven multicultural cities where besides German, English and French the most commonly spoken languages.

4. Swiss nature: Besides our breathtaking mountain ranges Switzerland is also full of beautiful lakes. If you are into hiking, swimming, mountain biking, bouldering or just even taking walks, you will feel right at home.

5. Cultural offers: Switzerland’s major cities provide the biggest cultural entertainment in the form of restaurants, museums, concerts, festivals and outdoor adventures – you can take your pick!




How long does it take you to find me a job in life sciences?

headcount AG is mandate based, meaning that we only consider candidates if there is an open position that fits their profile. So the time it takes us to find you a job can vary immensely. We recommend checking our open positions for jobs that match your profile, and if you do not find anything that suits your professional needs, upload your CV so we have it on-hand if a relevant opportunity presents itself.

Do I (as a candidate) have to pay something?

No. If you are considered as a viable candidate for an open position, we will additionally support you throughout the entire process, as well as provide you with free interview tips and coaching.

What happens after I send you my CV?

A headcount AG recruiter will review your CV for any open positions in or database. If we have an open position that matches your profile, you will be contacted within 1-2 business days. If not, your CV will be stored until headcount AG receives a mandate relevant to your professional experience*.


*Please contact us, if at any time you wish to remove your CV from our database.

Does headcount AG accept CV's outside of the European Union (EU)?

Yes. However, for job positions within Switzerland (because of provisions within the Swiss Employment Law), headcount AG does not have the right to provide VISA’s to candidates looking to relocate from an EU member state to Switzerland.

If you have a Swiss working permit, these provisions do not apply to you.

What kind of profiles are you looking for in life sciences?

Our focus is on supporting middle management to VP level candidates in the Healthcare and Life Science sectors (specifically in Pharma, Medtech, and Biotech), in making their next career step. Moreover, we have placed candidates from the following departments:

Click on the any of the links to learn more about the specific positions in those departments that we recruit for.

Does headcount AG offer support in salary and contract negotiations?