Recruitment solutions for Pharma, Biotech,

Medical Devices and Digital Health companies

headcount AG excels in recruiting life science candidates for those niche, hard-to-fill roles in your business.


Recruitment solutions for Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices and Digital Health companies

headcount AG excels in recruiting life science candidates for those niche, hard-to-fill roles in your business.

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Exclusive representation

Hiring headhunters honors candidates, signaling their valued skills. It adds prestige and shows employers’ recognition of their worth and expertise.


Rapid recruitment

Our recruiters swiftly connect with candidates, saving time and resources. headcount extensive networks and regular interactions ensure prompt fulfillment of staffing needs.


Niche profiles and challenging locations

Finding specialized talent and overcoming geographic constraints is where we excel. Our expertise enables access to qualified candidates not easily found.


Reduce hiring risks

We mitigate risks by carefully evaluating candidates, ensuring a better fit for the role and company culture. This reduces the chances of costly recruitment mistakes.


Recruitment strategy and candidate experience

We shape recruitment strategies and present the company favorably to candidates. Headcount attracts high-quality talent and prioritizes a positive candidate experience.

the process

Here’s how headcount finds the ideal candidate

#1 Prescreen

We dedicate time to understand candidates, whether we approach them or they contact us, ensuring a thorough understanding of their background and skills.

#2 Assessment

We engage in detailed discussions with candidates, assessing their suitability for the role. We provide comprehensive information about the job and the company to facilitate informed decision-making.

#3 Shortlist

Through careful evaluation, we identify the best-fit candidates for the role and create a shortlist of 3-5 individuals who possess the desired qualifications and potential for success.

#4 Presentation

We showcase the shortlisted candidates to our clients, highlighting their motivation and skills. This pitch helps our clients gain a deeper understanding of the candidates’ potential and suitability for the position.

#5 Interviews

We assist both the candidate and the client in preparing for interviews. Through briefing sessions and tailored coaching, we ensure that both parties are well-prepared for the interview process.

#6 Debrief and feedback

We meet with candidates post-interview to discuss their experience and gauge their interest. We also provide feedback from the company, helping candidates understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

#7 Negotiation

We facilitate a mutually beneficial agreement between the candidate and the client, considering salary, benefits, and expectations.

#8 Getting started

We provide ongoing support to both the candidate and the client until the candidate commences the job. Our assistance ensures a smooth transition and addresses any concerns or questions that may arise during this period.

#9 Follow-up

We maintain regular contact with the candidate during their first six months in the role to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns.

About headcount AG

What makes headcount exceptional?

Our values

Curiosity, commitment, and authenticity are the beliefs that drive headcount. We want to learn and discover together by posing hypotheses and testing them. We’ll be upfront with you, committed to working with integrity and honesty.

We are unique

What makes headcount unique is the passionate, expert team behind the scenes. This small but elite selection of life scientists and recruiters are enthusiastic about the subject matter and continuously developing trusting relationships built on high-quality service.

People behind the profile

To us, every individual we interact with is more than just a client, a candidate, or an employee. Our mission revolves around ensuring the utmost satisfaction and creating an exceptional experience for the people who stand behind these profiles.

Achievements and goals of the department

We are proud to have placed hundreds of permanent candidates with dozens of reputable companies in the Swiss Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices and Digital Health industries. headcount’s 85% success rate says it all because sourcing talent quickly and efficiently is just what we do.

Our goals? To keep doing what we do best: helping businesses change the world by fulfilling their staffing needs with qualified, permanent employees.


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